Monday, 26 November 2007

Back on glorious S'porean soil

Hey people, I'm back(and missed some fun from the school activities). Gonna post some pics I took in China.

-In ZhuHai- [It means Pearl Sea, not Pig Sea]
Zonked out in front of my 2nd bro's Nintendo Wii. It was pretty fun, but in some games when you twist the controller at an angle, the camera tilts and it the view of the character goes off, and it annoys me. My bro also 'sponsored' good food at restaurants. Yum.
My 1st and 2nd bro's convos are very interesting. Sometimes they try to trick each other, like the incident when my 2nd bro tried to 'sell' a handphone to my 1st bro. Before my 1st bro joined us(family), 2nd bro mentioned that he got the handphone at a promotional price from the company since he pays hefty phone bills every month. He got a phone
, but it doesnt support English, so he wanted to sell it since its useless.

2nd: Hey I got a really good phone that I'm selling now, sell to you at a reasonable price, 2500RMB.
1st: Really? How and what is it?
2nd: *starts poking phone with stylus* Here got blahblahblah feature, gonna show you now, hang on arh...Oops, out of battery.
1st[to me]: *sniggers* He's such a bad salesman. He's gonna show the best features of the handphone and the phone just ran dead.
2nd: Wait, I change batt first.*changes batt* Ok now you see this arh, *snaps pic of name card* this thing when you take the picture the infomation is all captured.
1st: Lemme try. *snaps pic* Eh? Out of battery again.
2nd: ...
1st: *laughs*
2nd: *is distracted by a phone call*

At this point, my 1st bro started to explain about what he terms as 'battles' and 'wars' in the workplace and how to overcome them to me. He just finished telling me about it when my 2nd bro reentered the room.

1st: Hey, I will buy the handphone. But without cash. And Josie, this is me winning a small, insignificant battle.
2nd: *starts to laugh* Josie, you tell him what the handphone is worth.
Me: Really arh? Ok, this thing doesnt support English.
1st: ... But anyway, I will take this without cash. I still win.
2nd: Heh, but I can deduct from your stocks and shares you have from me.
1st: ......

-In Jiangmen-
Visited my grandparents and relatives, all of which are spread out in KaiPing and FoShan. Saw the place where Dad first met Mom, in a little white house in the vilage. The place in KaiPing now is still a super cosy and nice village, and its not as run down as I expected. They still rear pigs and rather fat looking chickens, and the rice fields looks really nice. The whole place looks golden in colour.

And they really still use pumps there. Firewood for coal and dung as fertilizers.

And one of the 'rather fat looking' chickens.

At the ancestral temple in FoShan. I would like to have some of this in my garden, minus Andrew climbing the lamp of course.

My baby cousin in JiangMen. He likes me alot, and stuck with me all the 5days I spent there in JiangMen. But he's quite cute.

The following people are my grandpa's sister-in-law's kids and grandkids. But I cant quite comprehend exactly how they fit in the family tree.

-End of Part1, Part2 later-

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