Thursday, 4 October 2007


Happy Belated Kid's Day people!!! :D


School is making me rush though homework like mad. In school its like:
You pick up your Physics w/s and start on it.
Question 3 is hard, and you dunno how to answer it. No one is around to help you.
You get frustrated and throw the w/s into a corner.
You pick up your Bio practical you haven't finished yet.
You have a question where you need to check the facts on the internet. You don't have a com around so you can't do it either.
You give up on finding a com and shove Chem h/w on top of your Bio prac and start doing it.
You left your Chem textbook at home, and you didn't bring your periodic table. Shit.
You fling your Chem along with Bio and Physics and start on your English essay.
Having a serious writer's block, so you couldn't get far.
Crumpled up the essay and start wandering around the school.
After 20mins, you resume your Physics.

And the cycle continues.

At this rate, I will never get anything done :P

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