Monday, 3 September 2007

School Holzzz...

Yeah yeah I know totally outdated. I can imagine people screaming to the monitor when they found out that I havent updated yet.
But! Good things come to people who wait! Remember that! -_-"

Teacher's Day at the Bird Park! I didnt go back to OLGC cos I was busy cooking/preparing gifts or the teachers. What was my gift? Sushi. With help form my Mom. And to the female teachers I gave them an extra pic I drew myself and mass photocopied :P Am I biased here?
Also, the first principle of NUS High School, Prof Lai, officially left. ): And replaced by a totally unknown person direct from the MOE office. He barely interacts with us, in the canteen Prof Lai talks to us, but the latter is engrossed on his handphone all day. Geez.
Maybe I shouldnt say anymore before Joanne comes by my blog and starts crying all over again. But then again, I cried too when the lot of us shoot hands with Prof Lai for the last time ):
And Ms Lam, last term's English teacher is going too ): Gonna miss her stylo clothes. I heard that the new teacher is strict. Oh, and bio is gonna start next term too.

Slack, slack, slack. Went to watch Ratatouille at J8 with Mom!!! The movie is so cute. Remy is cute. Well, I just like anything related to animals :P

Not anyone can become an artist, but any artist can come from anywhere.
-Anton Ego

Randomly did 2 wallpapers for myself to brighten up my desktop since I got tired at staring at Rin's face everytime my com starts up. This time it's Kanda from DGM! Cos I couldnt find a nice pic of Lavi/Lenalee uncoloured. The other was a random angel I got from Advanced Anime. But that was screwed so forget it.

Went East Coast Park with my family. Didnt do much though. Then went to calligraphy and went home and slacked again.

Time to hit the books ):

During the slack time I went crazy over my com. I went to all sorts of places, like FlashFlashRevolution, Orisinal, Newgrounds, iambored, and the like. I did The Impossible Quiz as well! Heh. And I found out that the answers can be downloaded here. But I aint gonna cheat. :D But I'm stuck on question 92 for now. After I'm done with then I shall go on to The Impossible Quiz 2!!! Its so fun :D

All hail the King of Quizzes, Splapp-me-do :D

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