Thursday, 6 September 2007


Another reason to update :D Thanks to all for putting up with me and my laziness :P

The following was copied from head to toe from Mel's blog, cos Im too lazy to type out each question. As usual.

List out top 5 presents that you wish for.
1. A tablet PC with a cool and stylish bag to keep it in! :D
2. Any gaming platform which lets me play my Tomb Raider/Final Fantasy/etc, preferably a PS2/PS3.
3. Dunno.
4. I Dunno.
5. I seriously dunno.

Answer the following questions.

#1.the person who tagged you is?
Melissa, aka Mel, Melly, Mel Mel, Melon-Head, and Melleh! :D

#2.your relationship with her?
Great ex-classmates. But still on the same wavelength :D

#3.your 5 impressions of her?
Retarded, freaking brilliant anime artist, cool, creative, and what else? Crazy!

#4.most memorable thing that she has done for me?
Dunno o.O

#5.most memorable words she has said to me?
All our convos we had via sms, msn, and the times we met up with each other.

#6.if she becomes your lover, you will?
Both of us are STRAIGHT, dang it.

#7.if she becomes your lover, things she will have to change is?
Nothing, nothing at all.

#8. if she becomes your enemy, you will?
Ignore her for life?

#9.if she becomes your enemy, the reason will be?
I dunno. The chances of us becoming enemies is really small.

#10.the most desired thing you want to do for her?
Uh, she aint my lover o.O

#11.your overall impression of her is?
The same wavelength as me! :D Remember this Mel :D ~~~ you think people around you will think of you?

#13.the character you love of yourself is?
What kind of character am I anyway?

#14.on the contrary the character you hate of yourself are?
I seriously dunno o.O

#15.the most ideal person you wanna be is?
Eh, someone of average height, not too ugly or too pretty looking, and well, yeah.

#16.for people that care and like you... say something to them!
I dont think I can put my thanks into words properly enough to show that Im sincere o.O But thanks, hey (:

#17.pass this to 10 people whom you wish to know how they feel about you.
1. Mel! :D
2. Joanne!
3. Tricia!
4. SuHang!
5. WeiRen!
6. YanSheng!
7. Ewin!
8. Bradford!
9. Michelle! (from m07104)
10. SuChang!

#18. who is 8 having relationship with [ Bradford ] ?
No one, though our Infocomm teacher teased him once about some girl in year2, cos he went totally surprised that she(the year2 girl) actually participated in a Infocomm competition and got a prize. 9 a male or female [ Michelle ] ?
Female. Duh.

#20.if 7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing [ Ewin & SuChang ]?
Stupid, they aint lesbians, and I dont think they know each other anyway.

#21. how about no 8 and 5 [ Bradford & WeiRen ]?
HELL! They aint gay lah! Anyway, both of them hate gays, and they don't know each other, I think.

#22.what is 2 studying about [ Joanne ] ?
Same as me. Just that she is taking French as 3rd language while Im taking Jap. She takes more electives than me too.

#23. when was the last time you had a chat with 3 [ Tricia ] ?
Before the school hols.

#24.what kind of music band does 8 like [ Bradford ] ?
Dunno. I barely know his likes and dislikes.

#25. does 1 has any siblings [ Mel ] ?

#26.will you woo 3 [ Tricia ]?
No. Do I need to add that Im straight? about 7 [ Ewin ] ?
Like hell. Both of us are STRAIGHT. 4 single [ SuHang ] ?

#29.what is the surname of 5 [ WeiRen ] ?
Chan, if I aint wrong.

#30.what is the hobby of 4 [ SuHang ]?
Reading, I would say. Or else how does she write such awesome compos? 5 and 9 get along well [ WeiRen & Michelle ]?
I think ok.

#32. where is no 2 studying at [ Joanne ] ?
Same school as me, NUS High. Like duh.

#33. talk something casually abt 1 [ Mel ].
The same thing Mel has written for me on her blog. We are on the same wavelength anyway :D

#34. have you try developing feelings for 8 [ Bradford ]?
For now, no. But who know? I will sooner or later end up swooning over a guy when Im older.

#35. where does 9 live at [ Michelle ]?
Not sure. Definitely on the side of Singapore thats opposite mine.

#36. what colour does 4 like [ SuHang ]?
Brown (:

#37. are 5 and 1 best friends [ WeiRen & Mel ]?
Eh, they dont know each other.

#38. does 7 like 2 [ Ewin & Joanne ]?
As a friend, they are not lesbians, I would like to emphasize.

#39. how do you get to know 2 [ Joanne ]?
In school :D

#40. does 1 has any pets [ Mel ]?
I fat yet cute rabbit named Billy!

#41. is 7 the sexiest person on earth [ Ewin ]?
I feel that 'sexy' should be labeled for Hollywood bitches, she aint one so yeah.

OK, end of quiz :D
And my Mom just cut my fringe and it became darn short. ): Oh well, but what I wanted as a side fringe didnt grow the way I wanted it to be before I cut it, so might as well start over. At least Mom cut it unevenly :D

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