Monday, 19 January 2009

The last time I blogged was ages ago..

I'm not on a high now although cheMagic has won 3rd in Science Buskers Fest. It was so wearing even though I wasn't directly involved with the performance and busking and all, but it was still tiring. (and also for the teachers and lab techs and whoever that came to support us, many thanks) After the after-party of sorts at Bugis life returned to its usual routine except that I was more tired. Like..

Me: Hey! We got 3rd for SBF :D

Sat, 6pm
Me: Damn I wanna sleep -.-

Sat, 11pm
Me: I've finished chem and now I shall sleep -sleeps-

Sunday, 1pm
Me: I'm still tired, I shall sleep somemore -sleeps and snores-

Sunday, 9pm
Me: Shit I did not finish my english journal due tmrw ._.

You get the drift.

Anyway I am continuing with Jap this year, its harder and I really need to revise my plain form. (MICHELLE YOU BAKA)

I need the willpower to study my chinese as well.

Back to studying.

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