Thursday, 16 October 2008

Research Congress 08

So now I'm on SuChang's laptop typing something random. I'm sitting here listening to her whine and complain and hitting me for using her laptop. As if that will bother me lah -sticks tougue out at suchang-

So we had a quick demo on some of the stuff that the cheMagic group is showing. We used some hydrogel and now YS and (Ting)^2 are filling it up with water and watch it grow and expand.

Suchang is poking me again now.

And the hydrogel expanded like crazy!!!! :D It filled up the whole beaker now!!! :D

And we have an imitation lava lamp made from colored water and oil and vitamin C tablet, this stinky ammonia thing, anti-gravity water, and other random stuff I can't of the name now.

Ok now YS and (Ting)^2 are filling the bucket with hydrogel and absorbing up all the water.

Ok now I shall pass the laptop back to SuChang. But I do appreciate the massage from her poking :D

Posting pics later.

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