Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Epic PicSpam!

So we made ice cream again in Kitchen Chem. But this time we used liquid NITROGEN to freeze it! :D

But we shall start with the first picture I took with my new sexy handphone, which is a random picture of Weiren in the morning.

And the resulting fail from using clipart in the phone.

We started off chem writing our names on the eggs (whose yolks we used later)

If you look closer theres random smiley faces on it.

Now skip to the epic part (cos I didn't take any pics during the process)


And thats Trish.

I'm thinking of Snape and his greasy nose and cauldron. And there's so much vapour you can't see what the hell you are stirring.

Random dude in background.

Tah da! Scrambled Egg Vanilla flavoured ice cream!

Doused generously with chocolate syrup :D (and looking closer, I realize that we found Mini Melt's secret recipe)

Eating ice cream!

(Ting)^2 and Trish with Uly's gay face: Phail (The words are purple for a reason)

Triple choc version! We mixed choc flavouring, choc chips and topped it off with moar choc syrup.

A very guilt-ridden desert.

And check out the piece of cloth that we had placed under the bowl in case of spills. The white part is frozen water.

And there was this part where Ms Koh spilled alittle liquid nitrogen on the table, and the drops were like dancing about as they were boiling (and emitting fumes from vaporization) :D

Conclusion at end of experiment/home econs: ICE CREAM MADE WITH LIQUID NITROGEN IS AWESOME :D

ps, Ms Koh said that liquid nitrogen is purchasable at around S$1.50/litre :D So now I would like to find out where to buy the container for it.

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