Sunday, 8 June 2008

More epic time up ahead?

I dunno, but theres class chalet from 9-12th June, so no blogging until after that?

And I wonder if class chalet=epic cos I wasnt helping in planning it or anything, but I hope no massive screw ups or anything for the 4days.

And I wonder when is the FGF video coming out :/ The official one is not out yet, but one of it was posted up already.

And hey, M:SG is coming up with an Air Band for the next mission! I think its cool and awesome, though if I were to join the band and sing in the air with an invisible mike, there are still rehearsals :/ oh well being a 'fan' is cool as well though.

Looking forward to next couple of events, not really including school though.

hoshit, when I click on links that lead to Improv Everywhere Global, my browser hangs :/


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