Thursday, 17 January 2008

2nd week of school

I'm supposed to be researching some random stuff for history, not really :P Turns out to be a random bunch of news here.

Firstly, going back to school, I noticed that loads of guys have changed one way or another. WeiRen's voice sounds deeper, he grew taller too and is wearing the long pants instead of the shorts. YS voice is deeper, but his hair(and IQ) didn't change much(idiot Pineapple). William(Shake-a-Spear) from my class is now 175cm tall O.O Crazy.

I grew to 170cm! Target reached! :D Tricia is jealous of me as she is 1cm shorter than me :P

Mr Tan broke his finger in an accident ): Now chem is taken over by Mr Murali, the new HOD for chem department. He's a nice teacher, and really experienced in chem as seen from the titration experiment he demo-ed to us. But I heard the Mr Imbufe is gonna take over this week. From what I heard, I'm rather weirded put about him in class o.O

Hey Mr Tan, get well soon! The classes really miss you teaching us, you're such a fun teacher. M08204(M07104) made the pebble formation "Get Well Soon" too, so hurry up and heal your finger and start teaching us again!

And on the topic of the stone pond, someone made the formation "It takes 2 balls to be a man." and changed it to "It takes 0 balls to be a man." How random and funny. XD

Mr Lee is taking us for maths this term. He's funny. He starts off a question by calling someone, and when he asked another question, he gets the person called previously to call another person to answer it. Perfect way to sabo someone.

Theres a junior in M08104 called WenJun(or something like that). One thing: his voice is 2 octaves higher than a normal guy's voice o.O The family found it cute, and whenever we call his name when he walks past, he squeaks: "How do you know my name?!?!?!" And everyone burst out laughing XD

One incident with him was that (Ting)^2 went to bother him, and he said "You're a bad person!!!" (Ting)^2 kept bothering him and he threw the remains of the watermelon he was eating at her XD

And another was during lunch, we called his name again. And he proudly stuck his middle finger in the air, meant to be directed at (Ting)^2 XD He passes the test to enter our family tree, and (Ting)^2 is desperate to enlist him. XD Good luck with that XD

BL2101 is laugh riot, though it is quite pai seh as well :P This week we covered the male reproductive organs and sperm production. XD I'm looking forward to the practicals cos we are gonna dissect mice!!! I wanna cut it's head open and look at the brain really.

Recruitment for the '08 generation of the Holy and Noble Family Tree now on. Anybody who likes fun, has basic knowledge of BL2101, can stand sick jokes or is simply crazy can join. The main year2 founding people are going around the year1 classes during next Weds inter-level bonding session to recruit members. People of varying levels of IQ are all welcome. Distinctive replicas of YanSheng(including detachable Velcro areas and high IQs) will be most welcome. (:

All other stuff that I can think off with be in the next post. Seeya.

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