Sunday, 30 December 2007


Lets see what I can ramble about today.

-Note: If you people arent interested in this person's random blabbering, you can skip the long story and go to the ending part.-

I have started playing Runescape all over again for one weird reason or another. What makes me surprised is that my level 30+ account is still there after abandoning it for close to 2years already. Since its the festive season on Runescape, there were piles and piles of snow and snowman blocking the place, and the crowded fountain at Varrock was completely white and full of people whacking people with snowballs instead of swords and arrows. Quite annoying, but fun when you pick up a snowball and send it flying at some person's butt(It will always land at the person's butt -_-").

This kinda reminds me of the time when I first started playing this in P3, when my cousin Sharon first introduced me to it. At that time I was still playing Neopets(lol :P), playing rather 'old' games(like Hannah and the Ice Caves and stuff) but I was clueless about MMORPGs system of leveling up, because back then I felt that Neopets was more like a 'Mom takes care of kids(the Neopets) wellbeing' kind of game, not one where people compete with each other to show who's the boss.

So, when I played Runescape I completely didnt understand the kind of 'I finally did it!' feeling when I leveled up on a skill. And I also had no life, from the moment I finished Tutorial Island, I stayed around Lumbridge killing mainly level2 goblins, if not the level1 chickens and level2 cows in the farms for the meat to heal my hitpoints(But it increased my cooking skill levels :P). I was such a pathetic RPG player wasnt I?

The longer I played the game I started to understand some concepts in a game, such as the quest system, and I slowly started to expand my skills rather than just killing goblins, chickens and cows and cooking the tiny bits of chicken and cow meat. I figured that if I want to become better at the game, I am gonna have to improve on my defences(aka armor). I didnt want to spend money buying the steel armor, so I started to increase my mining and smithing skills
to be able to make my own armor. Being the clueless idiot I was, I wielded nothing but a tiny little bronze pickaxe and stupidly went to the huge mining area in Al Kharid. I thought that it was big, so there is a lesser chance that I will fight with other players for the rocks to mine. What a mistake, there where plenty of well-trained and high-leveled players that didnt even notice a noob like me. Even if they saw me they shooed me away to let them mine in peace. I died countless times too due to the lot of attacking scorpions hanging around the area. -_-"

And what else, after I reached the level where I was able to wield shiny steel armor and weapons, I realized that I needed FOOD to replenish my hitpoints, in the event that I am nearing death(literally). So I started improving on my cooking skills like crazy. Well this was easy to level up, it didnt take too long before I had too much food clogging up the arteries in the bank.

And after perfecting my cooking skills, I went into another period of quest completion frenzy. I started exploring more places and stuff, and when I more or less completed the quests I was starting to get a little bored.After all, other than killing and leveling up what else can I do? I looked through my list of skills and decided to improve on my runecrafting skills. I spend lots of time hunting for talistments which would lead me to an element altars to craft the runes. I couldnt do much with them since I wasnt a mage. Now that I think about it, it was useless and lame. I cant do much other than selling it to the shops since people prefer to craft their own runes instead of spending gold on basic runes.

With that I ended my time playing Runescape and left my account to rot. And started on playing Maplestory at around P5(ok that is another long granny's story all over again). :P

-End of Rambling-

Well then, on with the greetings! A Happy Year 2008 to all, its the year of the rat! This is starting to remind me of Fruits Basket. Its another year of school(work, in the case of the adults) for the people, but dont get discouraged, there's another X'mas next year after all. :D

Oh yeah, and it's Mel's birthday on the 2nd of Jan. Some kinda birthday it is :P

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