Friday, 14 September 2007


Procrastinating. Oh well. The below post is by the request of Mel. So here ya go.

When out with Mel! I was in school doing a project when she suddenly smsed me and then it wound up going to J8. I only brought $5 so I could only spend it on cheap food-court food. (Actually stuff around Bishan is more ex than other parts of S'pore) And there was the incident on Mel and the toilet where she ran around J8 looking for one when it was already behind her, me totally wow-ing over the cool(but ex) D. Gray-Man badge, and randoming around while Mel bought a gift for her cousin. I was on a hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh on that day :D

Today, 280907
Its that 1000day celebrations for my school!(Hey hey, 1000days is long for a new school like mine)
Morning: Assembly in audi. Yay. The first thing they showed for the 1000day celebrations is a vid comprising of pics taken in 2005 until now. Then they shoved a few stuff in a time capsule(too be opened in the 10,000day which is like,2030 or something). They blew the candles on the cake, and a whole lot of balloons fell from the ceiling :D I love my school!
Afternoon: Walked with friends to West Coast park. Was singing random stuff and whatnot all the way there. o.O Reached there and played games and flew 1000 kites there. My class had PLENTY of trouble getting the super long train kite up in the air cos there was barely any wind from where we were standing. Other than the Hairstyling and Tissue ball games thingy, its was kinda sian.

I wanna learn how to inline skate :p The year3s are currently learning it for PE now ): It looks so fun when you see them whizzing about in skates.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, BANANA PHONE! ;D

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